TSM is an example of a successful esports team

Cybersport is a trend that started to develop not so long ago. However, it has become such a favorite for many that it already has millions of fans. And its main advantage is that everyone can become an eSportsman. A successful example of this was the famous TCM team. Perhaps that is why many users are eager to learn more about it at Esport Bet.

TSM reviews: basic brand information

This is an organization that was founded back in 2009. It represents quite a successful project, which is now being talked about by millions of people. At the moment, the headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. Like many other companies, this brand debuted in the game League of Legends.

However, it should be noted that the owners of the organization first created a blog dedicated to the game. It can still be found on the vastness of the Internet. But the first official lineup of teams was able to announce itself only in 2011. In 2015, the company began to promote its activities in such areas as Counter-Strike and Super Smash Bros. It should be noted that the first victories were very close.


All TCM team sports

What is the success of any cyber sports team measured in? It would seem that it is measured only by victories and prize money. However, this is far from being the case. In fact, successful organizations are beginning to actively cover the entire industry, releasing units for different games. So we propose to learn about all the sports in which the American team takes part.

What sports the brand is interested in:

  • Dota 2;
  • Free Fire;
  • Hearthstone;
  • Minecraft;
  • Super Smash Bros.;
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege;
  • Valorant;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Chess;
  • League of Legends.

Who is TSM owner now?

Usually, one person is listed as the owner of the TCM team. His name is Andy «Reginald» Dinh. However, it would be more correct to say that this American brand was founded by two people. After all, it is currently known that his brother also took part in the creation of the product. He is recognized under the name Dan Dinh.

Interestingly, it’s one of the few companies that hasn’t changed CEOs. To this day, the organization is run by the same people. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this brand attracts international corporations as sponsors. For example, such companies as Lenovo, Logitech, and FTX are partners of the esports team.

tsm members

Throughout its history, many players have already become members of the organization. However, in this niche, as in any other, players change frequently. Especially against the backdrop of the scandal that took place in 2021. Then several employees publicly accused Reginald of rude treatment in the workplace. Therefore, we offer to find out the most popular TCM members at the time of 2023.

  • Timado – Enzo Gianoli;
  • Braille – Jonathan De Gea;
  • Kasane – Gainullin Ilyas;
  • Ari – Matthew Walker;
  • Whitemon – Matthew Philemon.

TSM Valorant team: achievements of the participants

On May 22, 2020, TSM announced their move to the Valorant stage. At that time their first official lineup will consist of Hazed, Drone, Wardell, Cutler, and Subroza. It must be said that the transition to the new direction was quite easy. The team members and coach did their best to make sure the unit quickly adapted to the new rules of the game. Especially considering that previously most of the clubs specialized in CS:GO.

However, it’s pretty hard to say that TCM Valorant has conquered the arena. They did perform well. But there are stronger units here.

TSM LoL: unit victories

tsm lol

Did we mention that the start was in the team TCM League of Legends? It’s safe to say that both in 2011 and now, this is one of the strongest divisions. And they have proved it with their labor, experience, and aspiration. How? In 2014, the League of Legends team won the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship for the first time.

From that moment on, the organization began to grow even more rapidly on all fronts. It can be added that this was a good opportunity to make a loud statement about the family to the whole world. Even more influential sponsors began to follow. Isn’t that a real success in the direction of the League of Legends TSM team?

TSM CS GO team: will be interesting to know

Counter Strike is a game perhaps famous all over the world. It is with it that many cyber athletes began their journey. In addition, many organizations first started participating in tournaments in this very discipline. But what about TSM CSGO? There’s a lot to discuss here.

The team has only been playing in this direction for a few years. The start was in 2015, and already in 2017 it ceased its activity. Most likely, this was due to internal relations in the team. However, recently there was a rather high-profile event: on August 29, 2023, the brand’s administration announced that a new team was created. This means that very soon we will be watching how the new brand ambassadors fight.

tsm csgo

What can we expect from TSM in the future?

It is one of the most successful products that currently exists in the cybersports market. It is interesting to watch, it has a great history. Among its sponsors are famous brands that everyone knows. And at the same time, the organization does not stop its development, trying to surprise fans. So what then can we expect from it shortly?

First of all, new achievements and victories should be expected from the team. In particular, the community is interested to see how the new CS:GO team will showcase their talents. The further development of the brand in this area depends on it. In addition, it is expected that the team will be able to conclude new cooperation with sponsors. It is also planned to increase sales of branded products. Already now you can go to the official website of the team and buy yourself a sweatshirt with the TSM logo.

So we wish the organization good luck and keep following it!


  • How long has the TSM cyber sports organization been in existence?

    Yes, the story of TSM's team started quite some time ago. It all started with a blog that was launched back in 2009. However, the debut of the first team took place in 2011. And already in 2014, the company started to have its first serious victories.

  • Who is the owner of TSM?

    Originally the owners of TSM were Andy «Reginald» Dean and his brother Dan Dean. However, it is Reginald who is considered to be in charge of the company. In 2013, he ceased to be a member of the team and took over full management of the business. So we can say that at the moment he is the only owner.

  • Which disciplines does TSM gaming participate in?

    At the moment it is safe to say that TSM`s gaming organization specializes in more than 10 sports. What is interesting is that there is even chess among them. However, the main focus for the company is Valorant and League of Legends. The brand has also recently announced the return of CS:GO to the market.

  • Is the TSM sports team successful?

    Yes, the TSM sports team can be called successful. Not all of its divisions become champions. However, they show good results in tournaments and other competitions.