Spacestation Gaming: teams with rapid growth

Cybersports is a trend that is growing more and more every year. It is a sport that everyone can join and become an idol for millions of people. In any case, this is what the organization Spacestation Gaming was able to demonstrate. Today it is a brand that is talked about all over the world. That’s why we offer to find out why it deserves such attention at Esport Bet.

Find out more about the Spacestation Gaming team

This company can also be found under the acronym «SSG». It is one of the youngest brands on the world stage as it was founded in 2017. It is reliably known that the young team debuted in the same year. Now the headquarters of the organization is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The project was so successful that new teams and divisions were introduced as early as 2018.

To this day, this esport team is a good example of progress for other companies. In its short period of existence, it has launched at least 7 divisions and gained influential sponsors. In addition, fans can purchase official branded products. For example, it is possible to purchase from Spacestation Gaming controller.

Who is Spacestation Gaming owner?

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The owner of the company is Shaun «Shonduras» McBride. It should be noted that he was famous even before he founded the brand. First of all, because he was already an opinion leader in social media at that time. This in turn became a springboard for his project, as fame played its role. However, at the moment, the situation has changed a bit.

Successful projects will always attract large companies and shareholders. This is what has happened now. On September 25, 2021, a new cooperation was concluded. Since then, Shaun «Shonduras» McBride has not been the only one running the organization. SSG announced that AtomicMari had joined the organization as a co-owner. Management is now owned by Shaun «Shonduras» McBride, Shawn Holladay, and AtomicMari’s business partner Peter Kitch.

All Spacestation Gaming divisions

For Spacestation Gaming games are a way to make money. Therefore, the number of units can be used to judge the success of the organization. Thus, at the moment esporspacestation-gamingen compete in 7 disciplines. So, we suggest to find out what exactly these games are.

What games players compete in:

  • Rocket League;
  • Rainbow Six Siege;
  • Halo Infinite;
  • Smash Ultimate;
  • Apex Legends;
  • iRacing;
  • Clash of Clans.

However, it should be noted that not all units can boast steep results. However, we will come back to this later. And now it will be appropriate to learn about the popular players in the company.

Spacestation Gaming players: who are they?

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Spacestation Gaming members are predominantly experienced players. However, over the last few years, the teams have been changing. In addition, different divisions have different members. So we offer to find out which of the athletes are currently cooperating with the brand. It should be noted that these are well-known members from different divisions of the organization.

Who are the members of the brand:

  • Arsenal;
  • Lj;
  • Hockser;
  • Forrest;
  • Fultz;
  • Hotancold;
  • Ashn;
  • J90.

Spacestation Gaming – Rocket League division

The founding of this subdivision was announced on April 27, 2018. It must be said that in such a small period of time, the team was able to become a participant in 71 tournaments. At the moment, there is no information about future events on the official website of the brand. However, employees always notify fans about upcoming events on social media. For example, on the YouTube platform and on Twitter.

At the same time, there is indeed a lot to say about the successes of this team. In 2019, the organization announced a renewed team composition. This team has already participated in the 8th World Championship in this direction. And one of the players was even honored with the MVP award. And here on December 15, 2019, the team was able to take the 3rd place in the world championship.

Spacestation Gaming CSGO team

The Spacestation Gaming CSGO team has only been around for 1 year. It was founded in 2018 and disbanded in 2019. Unfortunately, this project turned out to be unsuccessful. It is known about the small number of tournaments in which the unit participated. At the moment, such a team no longer exists.

Is there a Spacestation Gaming Brawl Stars team?

The team was founded in August 2019. Additional lineups in other regions such as Brazil and Southeast Asia were announced in the following months. There is currently no information about the team. This includes information about its members. The organization is focusing on other destinations.

Start of Spacestation Gaming Clash of Clans team

This unit also did not last long. The team played a relatively small number of tournaments. However, it is known that it took prizes, thanks to which its prize pool totaled about $80,051. The official website of the organization also lacks any information or news about this direction. Therefore, it remains only to follow the news to learn more.

Is there a Spacestation Gaming Valorant division?

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The team in this area has held a small number of tournaments. However, it is known that in 2020 members of the Valorant division took part in the Riot Games cybersport tournament. Also, this division cooperated with the company AimLab. In addition, there is information that the composition of the team has not changed throughout the period.

The future of the Spacestation Gaming brand

As of now, it can be highlighted that the organization has focused on 3 areas, namely Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and Halo Infinite. So it remains to wish them good luck and new awards! At the same time, many are wondering how the brand will develop in the coming years. And we have something to suggest!

This is an organization that tries to attract new names and talents to its ranks. Daniel Spacestation Gaming was once given such a chance. It’s also likely that the brand is on the lookout for new sponsors.

Spacestation Gaming FAQ

  • Is there a Spacestation Gaming organization now?

    Yes, Space Station Gaming organization still exists. However, teams in some areas have been closed. This is important to understand in the context of the brand focusing on a few specific areas. However, the organization may return to other games again.

  • Is there a Spacestation Gaming CSGO team currently available?

    No, the Spacestation Gaming CS:GO team does not currently exist anymore. It must be understood that the organization has decided to focus on other sports. However, the company may decide to return to this division in the future. So, it is recommended to keep an eye on the latest news.

  • Is there an active Rocket League Spacestation Gaming roster?

    Yes, indeed, there is an active lineup for this direction. It is important for Spacestation Gaming Rocket League. Information on all members of this team is publicly available. Moreover, to this day the company has not yet closed the season. So, there are still new tournaments ahead.

  • Who is Spacestation Gaming owner right now?

    Right now Spacestation Gaming owners are Shaun «Shonduras» McBride, Shawn Holladay and Peter Kitch. Since the project was successful, a new cooperation was already concluded in 2021. Thus, this organization is a real success.