Team OG is a breakthrough in eSports

Cybersports is a trend that originated not so long ago. But it already boasts the love of millions of fans around the world. And all thanks to the fact that eSport allows every talented player to break into the sphere leaders. For example, it happened with the international brand Team OG. So, let’s not hesitate and find out more valuable information about this company at Esport Bet!

What do we know about OG Team?

This eSports organization was founded back in August 2015, and is now one of the most serious in the industry. It was founded by N0tail and Fly along with young up-and-coming players Miracle, Cr1t and MoonMeander. The organization belongs to the category of European teams and is currently headquartered in Denmark. It is best known for winning The International 2018 and The International 2019. At that time, its only areas of focus were Dota 2 and Counter Strike.

Almost at the very beginning of its journey, the organization was able to set the bar pretty high. In particular, by winning the 2017 Kiev Major, OG Team became the first team in Dota 2 history to win four Dota Major championships. Interestingly, it is currently the only team to have won The International twice in a row with the same roster. In turn, this attracted a large number of sponsors.

og valorant team

Who owns the OG Team?

On the organization’s official website, you can find information that the company was founded in 2015 by Johan «n0tail» Sundstein. But its general manager at the moment is Oliver «izpAH» Steer. This is one of those brands that has made its way to the forefront rather quickly. Perhaps the key advantage has been the presence of experienced and stable management. Also, about the cyber sports organization cannot be said that it was involved in high-profile scandals related to CEOs.

At the moment, the team has focused on several sports disciplines. So, we invite you to learn more about it.

Major team disciplines in eSports

From the beginning, the company has emphasized two of the most popular online games. In particular, we are talking about Counter Strike and Dota 2. Thus, two strong and competitive divisions were formed. And recently news began to appear that there was OG Valorant team. Therefore, let’s find out in which disciplines the organization has ever participated.

What lineups have been formed

  • Dota 2;
  • CS:GO;
  • Valorant.

Perhaps it is because the organization focuses on these types of eSports that it has become so successful. Therefore, it will be interesting to learn what the company was able to achieve in each of the areas.

Dota 2 Team OG division

This was the first unit the organization formed. It was given maximum emphasis. And as mentioned above, the brand owners made the right decision by leading the division to win The International 2018 and The International 2019. However, this is not the only thing that can be said about it. For example, the team took first place at ESL One Stockholm Major 2022.

Also in December 2022, OG Dota team announced a revamped roster of players. Let’s find out who are the current members of the company.

Who are the team members

  • Yuragi;
  • Bzm;
  • Ceb;
  • Kitrak;
  • Misha — coach.

OG CSGO team: roster and achievements

og team

It should be said at once that this direction in terms of success can be attributed to the average. OG Team CSGO cannot yet boast such impressive victories as the Dota 2 division. However, this team is not weak either. For example, in 2020, OG was close to victory at Flashpoint Season 2. So, it is still interesting to watch.

Especially the steps the division manager is taking with regards to the team’s roster. Therefore, we propose to find out who now represents the company in Counter Strike.

All team members

  • K1TO;
  • Relali;
  • Nexa;
  • Fashr;
  • F1KU;
  • Ruggah — coach.

Is there an OG Valorant team in existence?

The Valorant game division was not created all at once. The first news about it appeared on February 15, 2021. That’s when the first squad was formed. Unfortunately, it also can not be called as fast-growing as OG Team Dota 2. However, the unit still brought some indicators to the cybersports organization.

Thus, the team took 3-4 places at the VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 France: Revolution Stage 1. But at VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 France: Revolution Stage 2, the division took only 10th place. At the moment, the official website of Team OG eSports does not have the roster. So far the brand does not participate in tournaments in this area.

Sponsors of the Team OG organization

Every popular Esports team has a chance to secure the support of an influential sponsor. The same happened in this case. However, it should be noted that large companies did not immediately pay attention to this organization. The greatest peak of popularity occurred after the division won the Dota 2 championship two years in a row. And no wonder, because at this point it was a real breakthrough in the entire industry.

At the moment, the organization has managed to cooperate with at least 6 well-known companies. Perhaps the most active in the list of sponsors is the international corporation Red Bull. However, it is not the only sponsor at the moment. So, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the current list of companies supporting Team OG.

Notable sponsors

  • Red Bull;
  • Wintermute;
  • 1xBet;
  • Socios;
  • Secretlab;
  • SteelSeries.

team og esports

What to expect from the OG Team in the future?

First of all, you need to realize that although the brand is successful, it still has a lot to strive for. In particular, it is expected that the Counter Strike division will finally be able to prove itself in future tournaments. I also wonder how successful the new Dota 2 lineup will be and whether there will be development in the direction of Valorant. Thus, we are left to observe the organization and wish it good luck in its development!


  • How long ago did the OG Team organization get started?

    Yes, OG Teams company was founded a relatively long time ago. The first mention of it was back in 2015. And after that, it was able to demonstrate what it can do by winning Dota 2 championships. Thus, it can be called quite experienced in its field.

  • Does Team OG have a general manager?

    Yes, the TeamOG cybersports organization boasts a stable CEO. It was founded by Johan «n0tail» Sundstein in 2015. You can read about it directly on the brand's official website. But the general manager of the company today is Oliver «izpAH» Steer.

  • Is there a OG Valorant team in existence right now?

    No, unfortunately the Valorant OG team has suspended its activities for the time being. Perhaps the reason is that the unit has not been able to reach the same heights as other teams in the organization. Also, the brand is more focused on the Dota 2 division. Thus, the only thing left to do is to watch the developments.

  • Is it true that team OG Dota 2 is the most successful in the company?

    Yes, that's certainly where it's at. OG Team Dota 2 have been crowned champions twice at The International. What's more, they did it twice in a row and without any changes to the team roster. This can be called a pretty high-profile event in the world of cybersports.