Team Secret: an eSports success story

Cybersports is a trend that has enabled online game players to become idols for millions of people. Every year eSports is gaining more and more momentum, as new teams and new fans of the direction appear. And for those who have cool skills, it has become a chance for success. In particular, this can boast of the popular cybersports organization Team Secret. We offer to find out what is the secret of success of this team at Esport Bet!

What is known about this organization?

First of all, it is a professional cyber sports team competing in various disciplines. It was founded in 2014. It is also known that it was formed after The International 2014 by two former Natus Vincere (team-secret) players. At the moment, the organization is based in Europe. The players take part in a variety of cybersport tournaments.

On August 27, 2014, the team played its first official match as part of Star Ladder’s 10th season. Even though the organization was a newcomer, this did not prevent it from taking home $46,796 in prize money. however, this was only one of all the achievements of the cybersport brand. In the same year, the team will be able to prove itself more than once. And today it is one of the most successful projects in the industry, which attracts influential sponsors.

the secret team

Who’s the owner of Team Secret?

We’ve already talked about the fact that the organization was created after The International 2014. Two former team-secret players became its founders. They were Klement «Puppey» Ivanov and Kuro «Kuroky» Tahasomi. However, at the moment the general manager of the company is Matthew «Cyborgmatt» Bailey. Interestingly, there are a few other already at that time well-known names in the original lineup of the organization.

In particular, two former Fnatic players were brought into the team: Israeli Tal «Fly» Ayzik and Danish Johan «BigDaddy» Sundstein. Gustav «s4» Magnusson, winner of The International 2013 with The Alliance, joined the squad as the fifth player. Thus, already at the launch the project could be called stellar. The esports team included not just players, but idols of cybersport.

All Team Secret disciplines in eSport

This is one of those teams that tries to qualitatively cover as many areas as possible. One of the first divisions was Team Secret Dota 2. After that, other teams started to be created. For example, in 2016, a Counter Strike division was founded. We offer to learn in which directions the organization tried its hand.

What disciplines the team participate in:

At the same time, it should be noted that not all of them were successful. Therefore, at the moment on the official website of the European organization you can find information about 7 sports disciplines. In particular, these are Dota 2, Valorant, and League of Legends. Those are the very games that have the most fans.

Team Secret Valorant division: is the project a success?

It should be said at once that in this discipline the team still exists. This direction can be called successful for the organization. For Team Secret Valorant is an opportunity to prove themselves. For example, the unit took 1st place at the VCT 2022: Philippines Stage 2 Challengers. And now we offer to know the current composition of the team.

team secret valorant

Who plays in the division:

  • Dubstep;
  • JessieVash;
  • Borkum;
  • Jeremy;
  • Lenne;
  • Invy;
  • Warbirds — coach.

Where did CSGO Team Secret go?

The Counter-Strike division was founded in March 2016 when they signed the women’s team WeRunThisPlace. This happened after winning the Intel Challenge Katowice. It was a pretty strong and ambitious division that fans loved to follow. However, on June 15, 2017, the company’s managers announced that they disbanded the CSGO Team Secret women’s squad. And to this day, no reason was announced as to why this happened.

But on November 25, 2019, it was announced that the brand was re-entering the CS:GO discipline. The corresponding contract was concluded with Juanflatroo, TudsoN, RigoN, Sinnopsyy and Anarkez. However, there is no other news yet. Including on the official website of the organization.

Is there a Dota Team Secret roster?

As mentioned above, it was in this cybersport discipline that the European organization was able to show itself best. The team for this game still exists, but it has a different composition. It does not include any of the members of Valorant Team Secret. There is information about it directly from the official website of the company. So, we suggest not to hesitate and find out the active roster of players right now.

team secret dota 2

Who plays in this division:

  • Puppey;
  • Crystallis;
  • Yamich;
  • Armel;
  • FBZ;
  • Heen — coach.

Does Team Secret have any sponsors?

Such an important and serious project could not be done without sponsors. In addition, such great victories and demonstration of excellent skills attract influential companies. So, at the moment the organization has the support of some famous brands. There is certainly not the secret team of sponsors. You can find information about them in the public domain, which we will do right now.

All of the organization’s sponsors:

  • AsusPredator;
  • Parimatch;
  • Secretlab;
  • TUMI;
  • Maxis.

What should we expect from Team Secret in the future?

Undoubtedly, it is a successful company that has shown what its strength is. The brand has many fans and many famous partners. Many people will be pleased with the presence of a store where you can buy branded products. Also, the organization openly talks about all the changes that are taking place in its ranks. But can we say that this is the end of brand development?

No, absolutely not. This year, the Team Secret organization has not yet closed the season. In addition, new participants and new partnerships are expected. So, we can wish the company good luck and also watch what happens. The brand still has a lot to surprise fans.

Team Secret FAQ

  • How long ago was the Team Secret organization founded?

    Yes, the TeamSecret organization is one of the oldest for this direction. It was first announced back in 2014. In the same year, it took part in various tournaments and showed itself from the best side. Thus, already in 2014, it was considered quite experienced.

  • Is the Team Secret organization successful?

    Yes, at the moment Team Secret`s quite a successful and famous project. It has won many tournaments in many different areas. Among other things, the women's Counter Strike division was also considered successful. Perhaps that is why the brand has many important sponsors.

  • Is there a Team Secret Dota 2 division?

    Yes, of course, for Team Secret Dota2 is the most successful division. That's why this team exists to this day. In this discipline, the organization was able to collect a lot of awards and receive large prize money. However, over the years, the composition of the team has changed.

  • Is there a female CSGO Team Secret roster?

    No, unfortunately, the women's CS:GO Team Secret roster was disbanded in 2017. And this is even even though it was a strong team that decently showed itself at tournaments. In 2019, the organization announced a new, but male Counter Strike squad.