NAVI is a recognizable eSports brand

Why exactly has cybersport gathered millions of fans in such a short period of existence? Perhaps because anyone can become an athlete in esports. This is exactly what happened with the NAVI organization. Starting small, they were able to quickly reach the top. So, learning more about this team will be doubly interesting at Esport Bet!

Why exactly has cybersport gathered millions of fans in such a short period of existence? Perhaps because anyone can become an athlete in esports. This is exactly what happened with the NAVI organization. Starting small, they were able to quickly reach the top. So, learning more about this team will be doubly interesting!

Who are Natus Vincere?

natus vincere

The organization was established back in 2009. However, at that time its name was «Arbalet.UA». In the same year, a full-fledged cybersports organization was formed around a successful CS:GO team. It was then that the name «NAVI» was born. The author of the name was inspired by the movie «Avatar», which is publicly available information today.

However, there was still one outstanding issue. How could the abbreviation be deciphered? A contest was held, where the winner proposed to decipher the abbreviation as «Natus Vincere». This is how the world-famous name appeared. Thus, the very path of the brand began with bright and memorable events.

What does the name stand for, after all?

Many people participated in the contest. However, one of them figuratively hit the target by coming up with a transcript for the acronym. Thus, Natus Vincere meaning «born to win». Agree, the name is inspiring. The author of the slogan simply had no chance to lose.

Who owns the NAVI team?

The very idea to create the organization was proposed by Kazakhstani philanthropist and cyber sports organizer Murat Zhumashevich «Arbalet» Tulemaganbetov. Having received the proposals, Sergey «starix» Ishchuk created the first lineup of the Counter Strike team. At that time, the manager of the new team was a Kyivan Oleksandr «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyi. However, on January 25, 2017, this position was taken by Eugene «HarisPilton» Zolotaryov. He remains the general manager of the project to this day.

Kokhanovsky himself remains a member of the Board of Directors. In addition, he is now the head of Zero Gravity Group.

navi esports

We’ve already talked about how the esports team first debuted in the game Counter Strike. It should be noted that this game is the first arena for many cyber sports teams. However, since 2009 a lot has changed and the company has been demonstrating itself in other directions. Now it is an organization known for its victories around the world. So, we suggest to find out in which games the team participates.

Which disciplines the brand participates in:

It should be noted that this is a list of units up to date. Previously there were other disciplines, such as League of Legends: Wild Rift and FIFA. However, these divisions are now closed for various reasons.

Is there a NAVI CSGO division right now?

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most successful disciplines in the organization. The Natus Vincere CSGO division has an excellent record. Year after year, the teams win various competitions. Such as ESL Pro League Season 18 on September 30, 2023. However, the first breakthrough came when the team won the World Cyber Games World Championship, becoming the first team in the world to win three of the most prestigious championship titles (IEM, ESWC, WCG) in one year.

The composition of the team changes periodically. Nevertheless, we offer to find out who is now a part of Natus Vincere CS:GO.

Current team members:

  • s1mple;
  • b1t;
  • jL;
  • Aleksib;
  • iM;
  • B1ad3 —coach.

Is there a NAVI Valorant team?

navi valorant

This division has been launched comparatively recently. The organization announced the launch of the NAVI Valorant division on June 18, 2021. The first member of the team was Kirill «Cloud» Nekhozhin. At the moment, this division still exists and actively fights at various tournaments. We offer to find out who is in the team now.

Members of the Valorant Division:

  • ANGE1;
  • Shao;
  • Suygetsu;
  • Zyppan;
  • Ardiis;
  • d00mbr0s — coach;
  • LATEKS — second coach.

Natus Vincere Dota 2 team

It is one of the most popular disciplines in eSports. It is for this reason that it would be strange if Natus Vincere Dota 2 did not exist. And the organization offers not just the main squad, but also the «Junior» division. The brand gives a chance not only to experienced players but also to budding talents. So, we suggest to find out who are now members of the main roster.

Who are the members of the team:

  • Shigetsu;
  • Mellojul;
  • Malady;
  • Malik;
  • Sword_Art — coach.

It should be noted that in 2010 the team was assembled, which was later called «golden». In August 2011, the participants won the first Dota 2 World Championship – The International 2011.

navi team

In addition to the main teams, the organization has recently started to create women’s divisions. For example, in 2022, the NAVI Javelins CS2 team was created. there’s also a Valorant division. And so it will be interesting to see who has joined the ranks of the brand’s players.

Who plays on the team:

  • Vicu;
  • Hanka;
  • Liina;
  • Angelka;
  • LETi.

Thus, anyone really can become a member of the team and show what they can do. The organization is always looking for new talents, which it talks about in interviews with various publications.

What should we expect from the team going forward?

It is one of the most successful projects in the world of cybersports. It has an interesting history of foundation and development. So, it is not surprising that today the organization is followed by millions of fans. This in turn has a positive impact on this brand. It is expanding and new influential sponsors are coming to it.

But it can’t be said that this is all a cyber sports organization can strive for. Even though it is a Ukrainian project, today its members are celebrities from Europe and Asia. So most likely, we should expect the development of foreign ties in the future. It is also interesting how successful the next season will be for the brand. Perhaps, it will become another springboard for the company.


  • How long ago was the NAVI organization founded?

    Yes, NAVI's founders opened the company back in 2009. Thus, it can be called one of the first in the cybersports market. And, interestingly, during this time its management has not changed much. Perhaps this is part of the project's success.

  • Who owns the Natus Vincere team today?

    Team NatusVincere has one general manager today, Evgeny «HarisPilton» Zolotaryov. However, its first owner is still a member of the board of directors. It is known that under his management the first CS:GO team was created and the first awards were received.

  • Is there a Natus Vincere Dota 2 team today?

    Yes, of course, there is a Dota 2 team Natus Vincere. It is one of the most popular sports disciplines. Therefore, it has a serious and quite strong lineup. Thus, the unit adequately demonstrates itself at various tournaments and world championships.

  • Has the composition of the NAVI CS GO team changed frequently?

    No, the lineup of the NAVI CS:GO team didn't change that often. However, the replacement of players is a normal phenomenon in the world of sports. Including when it comes to cybersports. At the same time, many people call the lineup of the team formed in 2010 «golden».