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The video game Dota 2 is multiplayer online battle arena and it is considered as an e-sports discipline. Dota 2 is popular among players around the globe. Many tournaments were held in Dota 2. The largest competition is series of tournaments of The International organized by the developers - Valve. In 2015 series of competitions The Major was organized by Valve.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a multiplayer strategy video game in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre. The essence of the game lies in the battle of teams 5 on 5. The winner is the one who is the first to destroy the main building (“Ancient”) on the enemy base. Dota 2 quickly gained popularity around the world and became one of the main esports disciplines. Dota hosts many tournaments annually, the largest one is the International held by Valve Corporation.

Dota 2 Tournament Bets

The largest and most prestigious Dota 2 tournament is The International, which is held annually with the participation of the game’s creators, Valve. The competition is attended by 18 of the strongest teams in the world. Some teams receive direct invitations, while others fight for the opportunity to take part in regional qualifying tournaments. Teams with enough points in the Dota Pro Circuit competition are invited to the International without additional qualifying games.

The first International took place in 2011, at which the game was officially presented to the general public. However, local tournaments appeared long before the first major events. Besides The International, Valve organized another series of The Major tournaments. The first Major competition took place in 2015.

Main teams and players in Dota 2

Currently, Team Secret is recognized as the strongest Dota team in Europe. However, there are many teams from China among the favorites, for example, Vici Gaming, EHOME and Invictus Gaming.

The leading position in the ranking of the best players belongs to Artur Arteezy Babaev, currently playing for the Evil Geniuses team. At the very beginning of his esports career in 2013, he was considered one of the strongest midlaners, but then left the midlane and preferred the role of carry.

The OG team became the winners of The International 2019, demonstrating well-coordinated play and a great victory. The team’s mid-leader, Topias Topson Taavitsainen, has become a two-time the International champion.

How to Dota 2 Esports betting

Dota 2 is an eventful game, so there are several betting options a player can make. Let’s look at the

main ones:

  • Bet on the winner of the game
  • Amount of maps
  • Bet on win in a specific map
  • First blood, that is, a bet on the team that commits the first kill in the match
  • Exact match result
  • Bet on the team to get the first Aegis
  • Bet on the team that will destroy the opponent’s Tower (Ancient) first

In order to place a bet on Dota, you will need:

  1. Sign up on the bookmaker website
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Select the game of and the odds
  4. Place a bet

Basic strategies for Dota2 betting

The Dota 2 betting UK strategy is pretty simple. Check out the favorites from past seasons and see which teams have the most promising players. Keeping track of all regions is not easy, so select the most interesting and strongest, where you have more knowledge about. Teams from China and Europe are the most strongest regions in recent years.

In addition, follow up the qualifying games before major competitions, because they show teams very well and what to expect. It allows you to make a forecast for the future games. Betting on a team with a lower odds wins most of the time, but from time to time, an underrated team shows unexpected results and beats even the obvious favorite.

Step-by-step instructions on how to place a Dota 2 betting with 1win bookmaker:

  1. Sign up on the 1win bookmaker’s website and make a deposit | link: Place a bet
    Sign up on the 1win bookmaker’s website and make a deposit

  2. In the Live or Line tab, select Dota 2 and find the match of your interest
    In the Live or Line tab, select Dota 2 and find the match of your interest

  3. Choose a forecast, odds and a bet
    Choose a forecast, odds and a bet

  4. Place a bet on Dota 2
    Place a bet on Dota 2

  5. If you win, you can withdraw money in any convenient way or continue playing
    If you win, you can withdraw money in any convenient way or continue playing

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