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Bet on Esports - what is it?

Esport is a new form of sport competition which is getting popular. It includes many video games. New games are released every day and many people want to place a bet on a favourite game. Why is esport betting so popular?

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What is esports?

Esport is a relatively new way of competition using video games. In a matter of a few years new industry has grown from small local tournaments to major international competitions gathering thousands of people together. The championships are watched by millions of fans around the world, and the prize pools are amazing. Comparing with traditional sport, esport add new video games and existing games are updated and getting more difficult and interesting

how to place a bet

How to bet on eSports?

At the dawn of e-sports, betting on matches was only accepted in Steam, but with the growth and development of the gaming industry, many bookmakers became interested in betting on e-sports.

The number of people willing to bet on their favorite team is growing every year, and the chances of winning are quite high.

Tips how to make a prediction in esport

  • Choose an esport discipline you are interested in.
  • Explore favorites, team line-ups, odds, and the basics of the game.
  • Bet on a game that you are good at.
types of esports bets

Types of esports bets

Esports betting is different from gambling as we know it. There are various betting options, for example:

  • A bet on the outcome of a game. The simplest bet includes either the “win or lose” option, or also a draw if the competition for a win consists of an even number of matches.
  • Handicap on cards. The bet is accepted if a match includes more than one card.
  • Handicap for rounds. The bet is accepted if the game includes several rounds (for example, CS: GO or Overwatch).
  • Handicap for murders. It's typical for esport disciplines such as Dota 2 or League of Legends. For each killed character, one game point is given, the team with the most points wins.
  • Total bet. This is a bet on the final outcome of the match. E-sports is characterized by a large variability of totals - the number of cards in a match, the number of rounds, kills, as well as the wagering time. There are special cases, for example, the total is over or under a certain value.
first blood and the first 10 kills bets

In addition, side bets are popular:

  • First blood. A bet is accepted on which team will get the first kill in the game.
  • The first 10 kills. A bet on the first team to make ten kills of opponents, etc.
live bets

Live bets

In some bookmakers there are live bets - that is, bets made during the game. Players are monitoring the match online and can bet on a particular game situation, while the bookmaker can change or suspend the reception of odds. Live bets will win if the player is able to make quick decisions and analyze the situation in the game.

Popular eSports disciplines

Despite the fact that new competitive esport disciplines appear every day, there are several team games that are consistently popular among esports fans. Popular esport games include:

League of Legends

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Counter Strike

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What is the best place to bet on esport?

One of the most popular and reliable bookmaker is 1Win. 1Win offers a wide range of eSports games and bets, great odds, simple and straightforward sign up. On the official website, you can watch esports competitions online and make live and express bets. In addition to e-sports, you can bet on football, hockey, basketball and tennis matches. Bets are accepted in your currency. New clients are provided a first deposit bonus of 200%, as well as percentage share of the winnings for express bets. You can top up your account using a bank card and e-wallets.

1WIN - best bookmaker for esports betting
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