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Rocket League is a vibrant and dynamic game by Psyonix, created in 2015. Although the game appeared relatively recently, it has already managed to win the love of fans and become a promising and spectacular esports discipline.

Rocket League esport - what game is this?

Rocket League is a fast-paced arcade game created by Psyonix. Rocket League is an unusual mixture of football and racing cars. The essence of the game is the confrontation between two teams, up to 4 participants each. Players control race cars with rocket motors, the winner is the one who scores the most goals in the allotted time. Despite the seeming simplicity of the gameplay, the game requires well-coordinated interaction of players in a team and a high level of individual skill. The game has several modes - football, hockey, basketball, and rumble mode. You can choose one of 12 colorful arenas and customize the look of your racing car.

Rocket League has been adapted for both PlayStation and PC. Players have access to both a single game against artificial intelligence and battles with real opponents. It was the multiplayer mode that formed the basis of the Rocket League as an esports discipline.

RL esports Tournaments

Rocket League is a young esports discipline, but it is developing at a rapid pace. There are many tournaments every year, the largest of which is the RLCS - Rocket League Championship Series. The first season of the Champion League kicked off in 2016, a year after the game was released. To take part in it, teams need to win at regional competitions. The Regional Leagues appeared in Season 4, 2017. The regional leagues of Europe, North America and Australia are considered the strongest, while in Asia the game is only gaining popularity.

Rocket League Best Teams and Players

The teams from Europe and North America, where the game is very popular, are rightfully considered the leading teams in the Rocket League discipline. The three strongest teams for 2020 are the NRG eSports, Vitality and Cloud9 teams. Another up-and-coming team was the American team Dignitas. Fadeaway and G2 Esports are also considered promising, having shown themselves well at the Europe Region Event.

As for the CIS segment, it is worth mentioning the SeemsGood team, which claimed a slot in the RLRS league, but never received it. In Russia, local competitions are held in an online format, but they have nothing to do with the European League.

How to bet on Rocket League

What bets do bookmakers except for Rocket League competitions?

The most common are:

  • Bet on a winner in one specific card
  • Bet on the winner of the series
  • Handicaps on goals scored
  • Handicaps on cards
  • Total goals / goals scored

Basic Rocket League Betting Strategies

Due to the dynamism and relative simplicity of the gameplay, there is no single strategy for betting on the Rocket League, however, there are still some tips. Explore the game, try to play it yourself. Analyze the teams participating in the competition you are planning to bet on, watch a few of their recent matches.

Pay attention to the composition. If a newcomer has joined the team, there is a possibility that the team's chemistry will be much lower, which can affect the outcome of the match.

Rocket League is a hard-to-predict game, therefore, betting on a favorite is not always successful.

Finally, keep an eye on the balance adjustments in the game, they often have a big impact on the role of professional players.

Step-by-step instructions on how to bet on the Rocket League at 1win bookmaker

  1. Register on the 1win bookmaker's website and make a deposit | link: Place a bet
    Register on the 1win bookmaker's website and make a deposit

  2. In the Line tab, select Rocket League and find the match of interest
    In the Line tab, select Rocket League and find the match of interest

  3. Choose a forecast, odds, and rate
    Choose a forecast, odds, and rate

  4. Place a bet
    Place a bet

  5. If you win, you can withdraw money in any convenient way or continue playing
    If you win, you can withdraw money in any convenient way or continue playing

RLCS X | North America Regional

This new season represents the most fundamental changes to the RLCS since its inception in 2016. On top of a huge $4,500,000+ overall prize pool, the league is switching to an all-new, circuit-based format that's made to deliver even more of the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action that Rocket League Esports is known for.